Northside Presbyterian Church

Northside Presbyterian Church is committed to impacting our community and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by challenging and developing a people who grow in love for God and others and who enjoy a transforming life in today's world (Titus 2:11-14).

Christian Fellowship

Our church is blessed with a desire to love each other and treat others in our church body as part of our family. Our annual church family retreat each fall exemplifies this desire. We share each other's joys and burdens and readily turn to our brothers and sisters in the church for help (and to give help!) when needed.

Worship and Prayer

The Holy One of Israel, the Sovereign God is majestic and glorious. We are to rejoice with reverence in His presence. We believe that such a view of God is best encouraged by a service characterized by form, reverence, and solemn joy. While we thus run the risk of not being “upbeat” enough for some people’s tastes, we do seek to offer a worship service that incorporates both the cherished hymns of old along with many of the new contemporary hymns of our day. While we sing with grace in our hearts to the Lord, we will also be teaching and encouraging one another with the precepts of Scripture! Our purpose is to promote a view of God which is consistent with the magnificence of His character revealed in Scripture. Worship should be an activity in which God’s people actively participate together for the glory of God. To this end, we are called as co-participants, not spectators, in the “drama” of the worship of God.

At Northside, we seek to insure that everything we do is undergirded by prayer. Therefore, we offer times through the month to encourage our church family to draw near to God in prayer.


The teaching at Northside is centered on God's infallible word, the Bible. We examine the deep truths of the scripture, not for the sake of gaining more knowledge but for seeing how it must impact our lives and how we are to live before our heavenly Father.


Northside sees the need to fulfill the Great Commission both locally and globally. Globally, we send individuals and groups on mission trips within and outside the US borders. Locally, we engage in ministries to our community such as Fun Week and the Christmas Walk-through. All these ministries are not focused on doing something fun and entertaining or visiting a new place, but on sharing the Good News we have in Jesus Christ with "all nations."